What does your contributions to the Great Education Colorado Issue Committee help us do?

  • Printing Petitions! Each petition costs $2.50 to print, give $25 to print 10 petitions, $50 to print 20 and $100 to print 40 petitions
  • Supporting Volunteers! To make sure our volunteers have all the resources they need, help us sponsor a volunteer at $10 per volunteer.
  • Make it Monthly! Petitions are due in August, and we have some innovative outreach tools that could help us get our volunteers closer to victory. Every monthly commitment helps us plan and be better prepared for the future.

Donations to the Great Education Colorado Issue Committee (an issue committee registered with the Secretary of State to support Initiative 63) are not tax-deductible and are reported to the Secretary of State.

Great Education Colorado will maintain this email list of individuals
who choose to sign up to stay informed on the Great Ed Action Donation form.