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It's up to us. In Colorado, when state revenues grow faster than inflation plus growth (like now), the legislature is not allowed to keep and invest all the revenues that it collects under our current tax rates. Unless voters act, funds above the revenue limit have to be held back and rebated to taxpayers—even if that requires deeper cuts to schools, higher education and other essential public services. Other states can grow and invest in their infrastructure during prosperous times. Colorado cannot do so without a vote of its citizens. These proposals follow the state's requirement to ask voters to allow the legislature to keep and and invest revenue generated under the existing tax rates.

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Compared to 1992, essential public services operate with severe annual cuts:
$780 million from K-12 education ($1,000 per K-12 student) $559 million from higher ed ($3,000 per higher ed student) $379 million from transportation
Without raising taxes, this proposal allows the state to keep and invest revenue into essential public services, such as education, transportation, mental health services and senior services. #InvestInColorado


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About Great Education Colorado Action

Great Education Colorado Action is a statewide, nonpartisan, 501c(4) advocacy organization focused on improving public education in Colorado through wise, increased investment in our schools, colleges and universities. It is a separate, sister organization to Great Education Colorado, acting as a catalyst for improved investment in Colorado’s public schools, colleges and universities. This means both increased investment and wise investment.

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