What is the status of the ballot initiative?

Unfortunately, the Colorado Priorities Campaign suspended the campaign today and released this announcement:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Contact: Owen Loftus 719-406-6564owen@loftuspr.com
Colorado Priorities suspends ballot campaign
Work will continue on finding a solution to invest in classrooms, roads, mental health and senior services’

DENVER — Last night, the executive committee of the Colorado Priorities campaign decided to suspend its ballot initiative campaign.  The measure would have invested in the state’s schools, roads, mental health and senior services without raising taxes.
Dan Ritchie and Al Yates, Colorado Priorities’ co-chairs, said it is the right thing to do given the current political climate and the resulting challenges facing the campaign:

“In November, Colorado voters are going to be asked to decide on up to 10 statewide ballot initiatives, dozens of candidates as well as local ballot initiatives. The crowded ballot has made it difficult to secure the resources necessary for us to win in November.

While we are confident this is a winning issue — our polling shows 61 percent of Colorado voters support us — it is far too important of an issue to risk the possibility of failure due to an uncertain political climate and the lack of resources necessary to communicate on such a complex issue.“Though we are suspending this campaign, the challenges facing our state and the need to invest in these priorities continue to grow. We are committed to continue working with the thousands of Coloradans, businesses and organizations from every corner of the state to ensure we find a solution for investing in Colorado’s priorities.”


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