Message from Great Ed on suspension of Colorado Priorities campaign

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today, the Colorado Priorities campaign announced it is suspending its campaign for Initiative #117, which would have invested in the state’s schools, transportation, mental health and senior services—all without raising taxes.  Lisa Weil, Executive Director of Great Education Colorado issued the following statement:

Over the last two months, hundreds of public education supporters throughout the state volunteered thousands of hours to gather well over 15,000 signatures for Colorado Priorities. They did so because this was a common sense measure that would help all Coloradans, including the nearly 900,000 students in public schools.

We are disappointed for those volunteers and for the students for whom they were working. And we are disappointed that Colorado’s communities will not benefit from the improved investment in classrooms, roads, mental health and senior services that would have resulted from passage of this initiative.

Our volunteers reported that people were excited to have this opportunity to support their schools, mental health services and other priorities in their local communities. It’s devastating that Coloradans won’t have the chance to vote their values in November.

Our current constitutional structure doesn’t give taxpayers power; it takes it away. It’s ironic that Coloradans won’t even have the opportunity to vote their values this year, because it costs so much to put a measure like this on the ballot. It is frustrating that the default in Colorado is cutting services we value, without allowing citizens a choice on how they want their tax dollars used to support this great state.

Great Education Colorado is committed to ensuring that voters will have opportunities in the future to support our youth and the prosperity of our state.

Great Education Colorado thanks its community of supporters who invested thousands of hours of volunteer time and held tens of thousands of conversations with the public about the need to provide adequate and sustainable revenue for foundational elements of a thriving community—quality schools, well-maintained roads and services for mental health and senior services.

Visit Great Education Colorado‘s website to learn more about the challenges facing our state and the growing need to invest in our schools.

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