Tell Your Legislators: “Show me you support public education!”

Public education is your priority. It should be your state senator’s and representative’s, too. Here’s a really easy way to tell them exactly what they need to do to show it: pass the Governor’s request for a $110 more per student (to start catching up to what we spent before the recession) and pass HB18-1232 to make Colorado’s school finance system more fair and adequate. It’s easy, click here.

Sign up to carry and/or sign a petition to fund our schools more adequately and equitably

Did you hear? Better school funding could be on the statewide ballot this year!

Maybe you saw one of the articles from late last week — Coloradans seeking more school funding inch closer to 2018 ballot or Education tax plan has merit. We couldn’t be more excited that two concerned citizens, DJ Anderson and Martha Olson, stepped up to lead the charge to more adequately and equitably fund our public schools.

Help us thank them by signing up today to carry or sign a petition in order to give Colorado voters a chance to support public schools this November.

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The Colorado Education Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to promoting public education in Colorado. The Network’s Promise of Colorado campaign is designed to provide Coloradans with tools to advocate for public schools. The CEN is not a political initiative and is not advocating for any specific school finance/funding reform. Learn more at