Ask a Friend to Carry a Petition

Because we value public education, Great Ed has set a goal of helping volunteers gather 30,000 petition signatures for the Colorado Priorities initiative.

Because you value public education, join hundreds of other Coloradans in carrying a Colorado Priorities petition.

So here is the math…if each of our Petition Team members recruit one friend who is also passionate about public education to download a petition and keep you company as you gather signatures, we’ll exceed our goal of 30,000 signatures.

Use this Tell-a-Friend link to easily share your commitment with others on Facebook, Twitter, and/or by email.

Give Voters a Choice in November

In Colorado, when state revenues grow faster than inflation plus growth, the legislature is not allowed to keep and invest all the revenues that it collects under our current tax rates. Unless voters act, funds above the revenue limit have to be held back and rebated to taxpayers—even if that requires deeper cuts to schools, higher education and other essential public services. The following action items are a few ways you can give voters a voice in November to address this issue:

Pledge to Carry or Sign a Petition

We need your help in making sure Coloradans have a chance this November to vote to keep and invest all the revenue it collects under our current tax rates. Please pledge to carry a petition to gather signatures or pledge to sign a petition once they become available. We anticipate petitions becoming available in early May.

Schedule a Presentation

Sign up your group, school, PTA, organization, or business for a presentation to learn more about school funding needs in Colorado and the proposed ballot measure. Fill out your information below and we’ll contact you to schedule a a presentation on education investment issues — our goals for Colorado students, how we are doing on reaching those goals, options to improve, and how community members can stay informed and take action.

Have a question about the ballot proposal(s)?

You can use the following form to submit your question and we will post a response on the Q&A form.